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1. Introduction

unReal Xtreme2 (after this unReal) is a plugin which performs the NPR expression which turned the cel paint and the toon line main.
As compared with an previous version, CelPainter which bears a paint adopts a 2D paint software layer structure, and can perform more advanced setting now.
Moreover, a texture and an envelope can be used now for the key position of the gradient which sets up a paint, and a color, and an expression like hand painting is also possible besides painting of the single color of a cel tone.

ToonTracer which draws a toonline could use the standard texture for Lightwave, and the envelope for the parameter of a brush, and blur like hand-drawn and a complicated expression were also attained besides the simple line.

In the version 1.50, it corresponded to the new features added by Lightwave3D[9].
The rendering which uses flexible setting by a node system and a new style camera became possible.

2. Support Lightwave3D Version

The plugin is a file which is different with the Windows 32bit version and the 64bit version.
Support Lightwave3D version
9.0 9.2 9.3 9.5 9.6 10.0 10.1 11.x

3. Install

The interface of unReal has a thing of an English-language edition and a Japanese edition.
An English-language edition should copy "/english/32bit/unreal2.p" to a plug-in folder from the folder which extracted the zip file and was made, and should add it from a modeler or the "Add Plugin" button of a layout.
Moreover, the 64bit Windows versions are contained in the "/64bit" folder.

! caution !
The plug-in component was changed in the release version.
If the old version is used, please add a plug-in after deleting old "unreal2.p" from "Edit Plugin".

4. Plugin
Plugin which constitutes unReal is classified into 4 categories.
This item is explanation of each category.

4-1. CelShading Plugin
1. Overview
2. CelPainter Shader
3. CP Instance Shader
4. CelPainterBufferNode
5. CelPainterNode
6. CelPainterNode2

4-2. Toonline Plugin
1. Overview
2. EdgeTracer Shader
3. EdgeTracerNode
4. BrushNode
5. MakeCluster Modeler Tool
6. SelectCluster Modeler Tool
7. ToonTracer Pixelfilter

4-3. Render Layer Plugin
1. Overview
2. ToonTracer Setting
3. ImageRender Node
4. ImageWrite Node
5. ImageRead Node
6. AccessCollect Node

4-4. Etc tool
1. Overview
2. BufferInfo Node
3. SearchGroupID Node
4. GetGroupID Node
5. ShaderManager Layout Tool

5. Limitation and an established issue

  • Limitation of non-planar polygon
  • If there is a non-planar polygon, raytrace error occurs, causing the noise.
    All converted to triangle polygon, Or use subpatch.
    (Subpatch automatically be converted to triangles in the layout.)

  • Limitation common to all the camera types
  • When you use the line of ToonTracer, please set RenderSegment to 1 and carry out a rendering.
    When a segment is 2 or more, a horizontal line goes into the boundary of a segment.

  • Limitation of a Classic camera
  • When you use ToonTracer with a classic camera, be careful of the following points.

    Certainly turn OFF the "adaptive sampling" of antialiasing by camera property setting.
    In the state of ON, a noise happens in a rendering image.


unReal related TIPS is released on a D-Creation website.
The contents are due to be added little by little.

D-Creation sample page(Online)

7. Disclaimer

This plugin is a freeware.
Please understand that no responsibility can be taken about the direct and indirect damage caused by having used this plugin.

DHM : dhmd-creation.sakura.ne.jp
D-Creation : http://d-creation.sblo.jp/

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