1. Introduction

HairbladeUtility is a modeler plug-in group which supports an edit of Plug-in Hairblade.
BladeToCurve which creates a modeler curve from a Hairblade object. BladeKnotsCopy which copies the modification parameter of the vertex of a Hairblade object. BladeKnotsPaste which pastes the copied parameter is four pieces. These are sets.

  2. Support Lightwave3D Version

7.x 8.x 9.x
Moreover, a Hairblade plug-in should use 1.22 or higher versions.
HairbladeUtility and the treatment which performs a communication were added to a new Hairblade plug-in.
A Hairblade plug-in should also execute a plug-in "add Plugin" command again.

  3. Install

"hairbladeutil.p" is copied to a suitable folder and it adds by the "Add Plugin" command from a modeler or a layout.
If it succeeds in a plugin additional,
  • BladeToCurve
  • BladeKnotsCopy
  • BladeKnotsPaste(Reset)
  • BladeKnotsPaste(Repeat)
  • BladeKnotsPaste(Mirror)
  • BladeKnotsPaste(Edge)

  •   4. Interface

    No plug-ins have a setting panel.

    The original modeler curve is generated from the chosen Hairblade object.
    The original Hairblade object also remains as it is.
    The control-point of a start and an ending position is also reproduced.
    However, since the parameter of the original Hairblade is not succeeded, even if it uses CurveToBlade for this curve, it does not become the same as the original Hairblade object.

    The deformation parameter which the vertex of the chosen Hairblade object has is copied to an internal buffer.
    The parameter copied becomes eight except "Morph Shape" and "blending" of the "Point" tab of BladeEdit.
    Moreover, although two or more vertexes can be chosen and copied, it goes into a buffer in the order which chose the vertex in that case.

    It pastes on the vertex which has chosen the deformation data copied to the buffer by BladeKnotsCopy.
    BladeKnotsPaste has four kinds and behavior of a repetition when there are many vertexes pasted from the number of vertexes copied, respectively differs.
    These four kinds are the same as a repetition setups of the texture of Lightwave.

      5. Disclaimer

    This plugin is a freeware.
    Please understand that no responsibility can be taken about the direct and indirect damage caused by having used this plugin.

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