1. About HairBlade

HairBlade adds a new polygon type to LightWave.
Probably by the bug of LightWave, there are some fatal problems.
Please be sure to read "6.Troubleshooting".

  2. LightWave version

LightWave8.x only.
LightWave6.x, 7.x does not support.

  3. Install

Copy "hairblade.p" to a plugin folder and perform "Add Plugin".

  4. Plugins

  1. HairBlade PolygonHandler(Modeler/Layout)

  2. Drawing of HairBlade Custom Polygon.
    This plugin does not have an interface, and does not need to push and perform the tool button.
    It will become effective if it "Add Plugin".

    HairBlade operates like Skelegon in a Modeler.
    HairBlade Vertex can be freely operated with Modeler standard tools, such as Drag Tool and Bend Tool, or others.
    The parameter with special setup of Shape, Bank Angle, etc. can be changed using BladeEdit Plugin.

  3. CurveToBlade(Modeler)

  4. It is plugin which converts Modeler curve(Open curve) to HairBlade.
    When using HairBlade, it is plugin performed first.

  5. HairBlade Manager(Modeler)

  6. This plugin manages the shape of the section which HairBlade uses.
    Shape added to the list is saved at the "hairblade.cfg" file which exists in the same folder as "hairblade.p".

  7. BladeEdit(Modeler)

  8. It is the tool which changes the parameter of HairBlade.

  9. BladeFreeze(Modeler)

  10. Since PolygonMesh which HairBlade shows does not have substance, it cannot be edited.
    If BladeFreeze is performed to change the polygonmesh itself, it is possible to generate HairBlade to polygonmesh.

  11. HairBlade DisplayLevel(Modeler)

  12. Display Level of HairBlade displayed on viewport of Modeler can be changed.

  5. Usage

Macromedia Flash Movie

  6. Troubleshooting

  1. If AddPlugin is performed, Modeler will crash.

  2. Probably by the bug of LightWave, If Add Plugin of Modeler is performed in the state where HairBlade is installed, Modeler will crash.
    The method of avoiding uses Add Plugin of a layout, or please once delete hairblade.p from a layout.

  3. Modeler crashes simultaneously with starting.

  4. PolygonHandler of HairBlade is performed at the same time Modeler/Layout starts.
    When LightWave upgraded and SDK is changed, or when a HairBlade.cfg file breaks by a certain cause, HairBlade will crash together with Modeler.
    When a problem occurs, please try the method of deleting "hairblade.p" which deletes "HairBlade.cfg".