1. Introduction

DC_SimpleColorPicker is a plug-in which works as Color Picker of Lightwave3D.

  2. Support Lightwave3D Version

7.x 8.x 9.x

  3. Install

"dc_simplecp.p" is copied to a suitable folder and it adds by the "Add Plugin" command from a modeler or a layout.
If it succeeds in a plugin additional, Modeler Menu "Edit"->"Display Options"->"Interface"->"Color Picker" or Layout Menu "Edit"->"General Options"->"Color Picker" DC_SimpleColorPicker can be selected.

  4. Interface

  • Desktop Spoit
    The button of a Loupe is clicked or a keyboard-shortcut "s" key can open a spoit panel.
    The spoit can get the color of the arbitrary positions on the desktop other applications.
    It cancels by right click.

  5. Disclaimer

This plugin is a freeware.
Please understand that no responsibility can be taken about the direct and indirect damage caused by having used this plugin.

DHM : dhmd-creation.sakura.ne.jp
D-Creation : http://d-creation.sblo.jp/