DC_NormalDrag (Node Plugin)
DC_NormalDragMulti (Node Plugin)

  1. Introduction

DC_NormalDrag node is a node that can be directed to any vector of the surface normal.
To flatten the complex shading caused by the use of CelShader, Create an image similar to 2D.

Default rendering result

Use the direction of the Null object, to unify the direction of the normal

  2. Support Lightwave3D Version

9.x 10.x 11.x

  3. Install

"DC_NormalDrag.p" is copied to a suitable folder and it adds by the "Add Plugin" command from a modeler or a layout.
If it succeeds in a plugin additional, "DC_NormalDrag" "DC_NormalDragMulti" will be displayed on "Tools" group of a node editor.

  4. Interface



  • Reference Normal (NodeInput)
  • Reference Object (Panel)
    Specifies the objects that exist in the scene, or the input node to be used to replace the normal vector.
    If you specify an object is used for its orientation(World Forward)

  • Invert Vector (Panel)
    Invert the input vector.

  • Weight (NodeInput / Panel)
    You can adjust the normal vector is affected by using the weight map.
    Images are set to 0% the weight of side of the face and nose.
    Leave shade of nose firmly with the flat face of the shade.
    If you do not specify a weight, all treated as 100%.


  • World Normal (NodeOutput)
    Returns the world coordinates to convert a vector.


DC_NormalDragMulti node weightmap and reference object can not be specified directly.
But, you can specify multiple weight and vector one for the surface using the node input.

  5. Disclaimer

This plugin is a freeware.
Please understand that no responsibility can be taken about the direct and indirect damage caused by having used this plugin.

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